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lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

Two refreshing ways to make THE REAL Gazpacho

 The last past weeks I´ve been reading diferent ways to make Gazpacho soup, and yeah, it´s a recipe that you can make in a million ways and adapt it to your taste, but girls, please! don´t pour tomato juice on it! It´s a sacrilege!
Gazpacho soup it´s only made with fresh vegetables, 100% pure extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt, that´s it! Here in Spain we have two real ways to make it, one it´s the original gazpacho thats comes from Andalucia, at the south, and it´s make only with a little piece of bread and you add a little water and the ingredients that I told you before; and the second one, called Salmorejo, it´s origin also is in Andalucía, Córdoba to be more precise, and looks and tastes so smooth as you see at the picture. For those who read me at spanish I assume that all of you had your own recipe from your mum, if you have any othe way to make it, please! don´t be shy and share!

The recipe it´s the same at the beginning and then you have two ends, so let me explain it to you:

Gazpacho Recipe
The Real Spanish one


-2 Kgs of tomatoe (you remove the center)
-1 cucumber (you add 5 fingers wide)
-1 little onion
-1 garlic glove (you remove the center)
-1 italian green pepper (you remove the white part inside and seeds)
- Bread (Candeal variety best) from the day before.
- Water 

First things first, wash and dry all the vegetables, then peel it, and cut it in little pieces, so you can blend all together after, remove the parts that can add bad taste, like the heart of the garlic glove, the white meat of the green pepper, etc...

Then, blend for 3 minutes

Add the olive (I add 100ml), the vinegar (I use Xerez vinegar)  I add two spoons, and the salt.
Blend for three minutes.

Thats the part where you can choose which recipe you want to make.

For Gazpacho follow the instructions above:
Add bread or water to your taste. And then you are going to sieve it all, use a wood spoon. See pictures above.

 For Salmorejo recipe follow this recipe:

With Candel variety of bread you must peel the bread, if the skin is not to big there´s not a problem but always is tastier if you peel it. For two kilograms of tomatoes, add as you see in the picture.

 Then, blend til smooth, and sieve to get all the peels and seeds from the tomatoe, the peepper, etc..

To finish, add olive and a little of jamón ibérico, and to the fridge for at least an hour, and enjoy!!
You can add boiled egg, and vegetables such as tomato, onion, pepper, cucumber to the Gazpacho to make it a complete dish, good luck!

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